Easy Lighting Upgrades for Your Wasilla Home


As any home staging expert will tell you, lighting is crucial for setting a welcoming mood. There’s no reason to wait until you list your home on the market to create the ideal environment. Better still, you can upgrade the lighting in your Wasilla home with minimal budget in just a weekend.

  • Upgrade the Shades – Homeowners often forget about the lampshades in their homes. It’s easy to do; after awhile, you just stop seeing them. And yet, it’s one of the easiest ways to lighten the mood or create a new focal piece in the room. Garage and vintage sales are a terrific place to find bargains, or you could cover existing shades with new fabric.
  • Buy New Bulbs – Light bulbs come in an almost endless array of colors and intensities – and for best results, you’ll want all the bulbs to be the same. Sure, you can play around between rooms with doors, but open spaces should be unified. Why not swap bulbs around or buy new, energy-saving bulbs for all of your fixtures until you have the right combination?
  • Rearrange Your Fixtures – If you placed your lamps on the day you moved in and haven’t spent any time considering their use or placement, now is a good time to make a move. As the only free upgrade, you can do this at any time; just grab your lamps and move them until they’re in the right place.
  • Add Sensors and Dimmers – Although this isn’t the cheapest lighting fix, it makes the biggest difference. A dimmer in any room allows you to create the perfect mood – literally with the flick of a switch. And, if you go the extra mile to add sensors, you’ll never need to turn lights on and off again.

As you walk through every room in your home, take note of where the living actually happens – and at what time of the day. This will make it a lot easier to think through a lighting plan for each space, especially if you have rooms that serve dual purposes, such as an office that doubles as a spare room. 


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