Ignore the Name; Khans is Real Deal Sushi

The name, Khan, is unlikely to make you think of sushi; it’s associated with another part of Asia entirely. But, don’t let the name fool you, this Wasilla restaurant is serving up the best sushi in the valley, perhaps in the state.

The restaurant itself is rather unassuming; you’ll find seats at the sushi bar, a few sunshine lit tables in front the windows, and a sprinkling of four-seater tables. But, like the name, you shouldn’t be thrown by the simplicity of the seating. Instead, you should concentrate on the food.

If you have even a passing understanding of sushi, the food at Khans will blow you away. From even the most basic of maki and sashimi to the elaborate Kiss of Fire sushi (yes, they set it alight), there is something to tempt you. And, you don’t need to stick to the menu in front of you either; there’s a daily specials board and a small selection of “off the menu” rolls. And, the family running this establishment is always dreaming up new combinations while they source the freshest fish.

Perhaps it’s the family environment that makes Khans so special. Reviewers love the service as much as they do the sushi, and that’s hard for any restaurant to achieve. The truth is that once you make it Khans, you will crave it almost constantly until you find yourself seated at one of their tables again. It’s that good.

The restaurant is open every day but Tuesday, for lunch and dinner seatings. On Saturday and Sunday, you can enjoy your authentic Japanese anytime between 12 and 8 p.m.. If you’re planning to visit during a holiday, you may want to check Khans’ Facebook page first as they do sometimes close for a day or two; they are, however, very good at communicating with their customers through this medium.

What are you waiting for? Isn’t it time to give Khans a try? You’ll find this sushi restaurant at 1731 E. Palmer-Wasilla Highway, and you can always give them a call on (907) 373-0101 if you want to know what’s on special before getting into your car. 

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