It’s pizza time in Wasilla!

Sometimes, you just can’t imagine cooking supper for the family. At other times, there’s almost nothing better than a piping hot pizza when settling down to a good movie. And, let’s be honest, having dinner delivered when it’s zero degrees outside is always a bonus.

You’ll find a slew of national pizza chains in Wasilla, including Pizza Hut and Papa John’s. But, the real gems are always the local establishments that are as much a part of the community as you are. So, next time you’re planning on ordering pizza in, why not consider one of these delicious places?

Evangelo’s – This restaurant is known for offering patrons “a taste of the Mediterranean” in their dining rooms. And, you can expect a gourmet pizza at your door if you order from their delivery menu. You can build your own pie or, perhaps, you’ll want to try the Evangelo’s Special with sausage, Canadian bacon, pepperoni, mushrooms, and olives. Take a look at the pizza menu here, or call (907) 376-1212 to place an order.

Sicily’s – You won’t find fine dining at Sicily’s, but their pizzas will make you jump for joy. They have an incredible vegetarian selection, including the Veggie Pesto Supreme with sun-dried tomatoes, black olives, artichoke hearts, and pesto sauce. But, don’t think that meat lovers are left to their own devices. The Greek Gyro and Bacon Cheese Burger pizzas are as creative as they are delicious. With wings, sandwiches, and pasta also on the delivery menu, Sicily’s is tough to beat. Call (907) 333-8000 or order online and receive a 20 percent discount.

Tuscana – This family-owned pizzeria offers free delivery within a five-mile radius, but they’re happy to add a delivery fee if you’re a further away. And you may not have an option once you take a look at the calzones and pizzas on this menu. If you’re prepared to go all out, you may want to try the Mama Mia with about as many toppings as could ever fit on a pizza. But, you can also order a baked pasta or a fresh salad. Take a look at the menu on Tuscana’s website and then give them a ring on (907) 376-8699.

And, if you really need another option, you can always check out the Great Alaska Pizza Company; they’ve always got deals that will leave your salivating. 

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