Shoe storage solutions for your Wasilla home


During the summer months, you may not notice all the footwear in your home as much as you do during winter. The reasons are obvious; you need a few pairs of boots to survive winter in Wasilla, but you could probably get through the summer with a single pair of sandals.

Still, it’s easiest to sort out your shoe storage in summer when everything isn’t covered in melting snow. Grab a pen and paper; it’s time to talk a walk through your home to figure out what to do with all those shoes in your home.

Consider each area of your home separately

Shoes collect all over your home. You’ll find them heaped at the bottom of closets in each bedroom, piled next to the front and back doors, and then a scattering of shoes kicked off in the kitchen or bathroom. Plan adequate storage by looking at every space where footwear gathers in your home. Don’t try to force the flow; it won’t work as well as making a plan for each room.

Above all, be realistic! You’ll only run into problems as soon as the snow starts to fall if you ignore just how many snow boots left by the back door every winter.

Get some ideas

There’s no reason for unsightly shoe storage racks – and you don’t need to resort to over the door hanging racks either. Shoe storage can actually be a lot of fun if you take the time to look at all your options.

Baskets for mudrooms – While the summer sun is high, look at the gardening baskets available (you may consider looking at the Walmart at 1350 South Seward Meridian Parkway for deals). These baskets are excellent for storing boots during winter; they look fantastic and keep the melting snow at bay.

Wall wine racks – Rather than stacking shoe boxes on the bottom of a closet, consider storing shoes along the back of the wall. A wine rack designed to hold bottles next to the wall (rather than protruding forward) will hold plenty of high heels without taking up a lot of space.

Transform an old entertainment center – With flat-screen televisions and streaming media, you may not need that oversized wooden television cabinet any longer - at least not for its original purpose. But you shouldn’t toss it; entertainment centers offer fantastic space as an extra cupboard or when tucked into an entryway closet.

Depending on your needs (which depends completely on the number of feet and shoes in the house), you might even be able to create new shoe storage in your Wasilla home without spending a cent.

Image by Torkild Retvedt/flickr via CC by SA 2.0

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