Staging your Wasilla home for sale? Don't forget the garage!


So often (too often, actually) when we take our buying clients out to tour homes, we find homes that are attractively staged – until we get to the garage. Did the seller run out of energy, time or money? Perhaps, but we tend to think that most homeowners don’t understand the importance of these two areas to Wasilla homebuyers.

If your garage is more akin to the kitchen junk drawer than a place to park a car, read on. If your backyard is dotted with dog droppings and ratty patio furniture, check back in two weeks and we’ll help you out with that.

First, the facts

More than half of homebuyers say they want a garage, according to the National Association of Home Builders in its report “What Homebuyers Really Want.” Actually, 86 percent of homebuyers surveyed said that “a garage with storage” is either desirable or essential.

How to get there from here

Stage the garage using the same process you used to stage the home. Get rid of the clutter, clean it thoroughly, paint if necessary and organize whatever is left over.

Of course you’ll most likely need stronger cleaning products to get the grease off the floor. Use a power-washer first (one that you can fill with a degreaser product) and then a scraper to get paint spatters and other “gunk” off. Cleaning a garage isn’t the same as cleaning the interior of a home.

Now it’s time to paint. You’ll be shocked at the transformation after simply decluttering, cleaning and painting. But wait – apply epoxy floor coating while you’re at it and your home will rival anything you see in a new home community. Need some help? Check out this walkthrough at This Hold House.

Tantalize buyers with your organizational skills

Once the paint and epoxy is dry it’s time for some serious organizing. Ideas include pegboards on which to hang your tools, bins to store paint cans and other items and built-in cabinets and shelves, if you can afford them.

Finally, take all that stuff you want to keep when you move but don’t want in your pristine garage to a storage unit. By the way, if your car leaks even the tiniest amount of oil or other fluids, don’t park it in the garage while the home is on the market.

Get inspired

Short on money but need storage and organizational items for the garage? Check out HGTV’s use of recycled everyday items. They also have a very cool slideshow about organizing your garage. You’ll find that one here.

Image courtesy of Rubbermaid Products/flickr, via CC 2.0 Generic

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