Stop making these organizing mistakes


Everyone strives for a comfortably organized home. Sure, there are a few people that absolutely off structure and can’t cope with anything less than complete organization from the tiniest of earrings to large appliance cleaning schedules. But, most homeowners settle for something more realistically aligned with busy living.

That leaves room for mistakes – not that any organizing is wrong, mind you. It’s just that some methods make living a little tougher. Here are some of the things you might be doing wrong.

Piles, piles everywhere – Not all piles are bad. But there are a few that can trip you up. When you put all the mail into a single pile or all your magazines in a stack, you could be creating more work for yourself. Instead of putting like items with like, choose to store your things according to function or actionable items. Keep the bills separate from the holiday cards and keep the clothes that require repair separate from those that are simply dirty (or clean).

Choosing gorgeous boxes – If you don’t have a lot of storage space, you may need to keep some items in boxes in the open. But, most of your storage containers should be clear so you can see what tucked inside. If you can’t get around that, make sure you’ve got visible labels on each box.

Resorting to spring cleaning only – It’s a terrific idea to go through your belongings room through room once a year. But, don’t stop there. Keep a couple of boxes in a convenient location so you can toss items for donation or repair during any season. When they’re full, deal with them. Organizing is a continual process.

Using prescriptive methods – You may covet your spouse’s clean closet, but that doesn’t mean his or her organizing methods will work for you. Nor will organizers that you have no way to personalize or transform to suit your needs. And, don’t try to become super structured in a single sitting. Those new habits are unlikely to stick.

Whenever you head to the store, make sure you think through every purchase. If you don’t know where you’ll store something or whether a new basket will fit under your countertops, wait before buying. If everything has a purpose, you won’t find it as difficult to remain organized in the future. 

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