Summer Roofing Maintenance in Wasilla

roof with leaves on it

Just how dangerous would it be to crawl up on your roof in the middle of a Wasilla winter? And, for that matter, how easy would it be on your budget if you needed emergency roof repairs at any point during the year?

As with most things around the house, prevention is ever so much better than the cure. A little roof inspection now could make all this difference this coming winter. A few hours when we’ve got the extra sunlight may just save you a small fortune.

Check Ceilings and Attic Spaces – First, do a quick tour of the top living floor in your home. Check for ceiling spots and cracks in every room and hallway. Then, climb into the attic to check that the vents are clear of debris, and investigate any obvious signs of damage on the roof surface.

Take a Ground Tour – Head outside to take a walk around your home. You’re looking for any branches that may interfere with your gutters, chimneys, or flashings. But, it’s important to take a look for any specific areas of your roof that require closer inspection. If you have binoculars, you may just find they’re useful now.

Grab a Ladder – Sorry; it’s impossible to inspect your roof properly by only taking a look from the ground or the inside of your attic. You’ll need to get up on the ladder to check the gutters and any flashings you may have. You can outsource the gutter cleaning to a garden maintenance company, but you’ll need to hire a roof inspector to examine the flashings, chimneys, satellite stands, and any areas that need a closer look.

If you’re uncomfortable climbing on the roof, or you notice some sort of damage, don’t wait to call in the professionals. It’s easier and cheaper to get it out of the way. And remember, many insurance policies won’t pay for roof repairs unless you can prove regular maintenance.

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