Time for New Curtains in Your Wasilla Home?

If you’re like most homeowners, you notice your curtains more during the winter. It’s just that you rely on these items more when you use them for light as well as the retention of heat. When it’s time for you to update the window treatments in your Wasilla home, a few, small tips can go a long way towards choosing the perfect curtains.

Colors and Patterns

The more considered your color and pattern choice, the better any room will look and feel. When choosing colors and patterns, you’ll want to keep these tips in mind:

  • Curtains can add a pop of color when they complement décor items, but they can also overpower a room when you employ too many color options.
  • You can use big patterns in small spaces, but you shouldn’t use patterns in the other furnishings. Stripes and chevrons are a good choice for these areas.
  • When selecting solid color curtains, look for options that are a shade or two darker than the walls if you want a blended appeal.

Fabrics and Styles

The type of material you choose should relate to the use of the room rather than the décor.

  • Consider sheer curtains for living areas that receive a lot of sun; they provide light and privacy and will complement just about every space.
  • You may want blackout curtains for bedrooms, especially during our long days in the summer. These are no longer as heavy as they once were.
  • If your curtains are just for decoration, you’re hardly limited to full curtains; you can also look valances, swags, and scarves on top of blinds.

Hanging Your Curtains

Remember that not all curtain tops are the same. You can choose a pleated style if you prefer a smart, classic feeling. But, some rooms just don’t lend themselves to this type of curtain; tab tops, eyelets, or overlaps may be a better choice.

And, before you head out to the shops or browse the Internet for inspiration and ideas, it’s always best to measure all the windows in a room – or your entire home. Knowing what you have to work with will always allow for the best decisions. 

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