Wasilla homeowners! Create a family message center this weekend

Tired of forgetting when your daughter has sports practice or missing the dentist appointment you made for your son last month? How about knowing when your mother phoned, or that you need to test the smoke detectors? You’re not alone! There’s also something you can do about it. Family message centers work for even the smallest of families – as well as those with so many people that chaos seems inevitable.

And, with a little thought, even those on the tightest budget can create a message center that helps everyone to work more effectively.

More than Words – A note on the fridge is great when all you need is a few words. Handing over keys, a stack of letters, or even a special treat requires more than just a place to post a note. Consider baskets, trays, or containers that hold a little more than a piece of paper when designing your message center 

You Need More than Paper and Pens - Even if you only want to write a simple note, you need more than paper and pens to make that happen. Usually, you’ll need some sort of surface to write on. It can be as simple as a picture shelf for short notes or a small desk when the area becomes more useful. 

Consider the Youngest Members – There’s no need to exclude anyone from the message center; you can always make adjustments for the younger members of the family with a selection of magnets or pre-written notes (perhaps in the form of pictures).

Make It Central – If you add hooks for keys, jackets, or backpacks, you can easily ensure that everyone checks in when they come home – or just before they leave. And that’s exactly when they need those crucial pieces of information.

Communication Is More than Notes – Think outside the box when designing your message center. What about a small trash can for the notes that have been read? You might also want to make it a charging station for those that need to plug-in as soon as they get in. 

When designing you family message center, remember that you’ll have better luck if you make the area interesting or motivational. Everyone is attracted to areas that make them feel better rather than worse… especially when you have a tough message to deliver.

Photo courtesy of Hi Sugar Plum!

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